Black Lives Matter

Impacted by recent events? Take a moment, and reflect. It can bear heavy on our mental health. It’s important that we take this time to look inwards, and learn about what we can do to help. The topic is uncomfortable, but it is important that we meet these feelings head on. The time is now to have these conversations with friends and families. Silence only serves to support systems that oppress.

Here are some links and resources in support of the lives and families affected by anti-black racism and brutality, and can be found on our website. Please use this time to stand up, surf the net, research and educate. 

u ok hun stands by you, and with you

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Justice For Breonna Taylor - Petition and Fund

I Run With Maud - Ahmaud Arbery Fund

Movement For Black Lives - Additional Resource and Info

Help Protestors - Support Community Bail Funds

List of Anti-Racist Resources

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Lives Matter

Black Minds Matter UK /

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAAPC) / @naacp

American Civil Liberties Union / @aclu_nationwide

Further links can be found here:

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