Self-isolating? Here’s a short guide to structuring your day during Covid-19

22nd March, 2020

Make the bed, lose the sweats and shower!

Immediately making the bed can make all the difference, and signify the end of sleep. Showering and dressing can help shift your mind from home to work mode. Dress as if you’re ready for that morning commute. 

Set an alarm!
Set clear timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maintain a certain amount of pressure against a clear trajectory for when your work day starts and ends. This will ensure that work doesn’t spill over into the night.

Differentiate between your rooms
Make an effort to create work away from your bedroom. Set up a clear work space somewhere calm and comfortable. Being in the right setting will help you focus, and differentiate between relaxation and work. 

Discuss and critique your work with friends to best improve your practice. Continually discussing your work not only improves your art, but maintains a sense of community. It also keeps your from completely isolated. 


image: kate hook

uoh 2020 — @uok.hun