Project Corona Special - Summer 2020 (Print Edition) Pre-order

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u ok hun is pleased to announce its first ever print edition to inspire you to stay calm and creative during COVID-19.

In a world that demands growth and progress, we have collectively paused. We’ll be exploring the impact of lockdown, where time is both moving and still, on our creativity and mental health.

u ok hun present a collection of artist conversations reflecting on societal time out, and how many are using this time to reflect and look inwards. Strike a balance, and relax. Draw more, read more, write more, dance more, and play more #TimeIsInfinite
Limited run of 25 copies

Free P+P / Item shipped week of 25th May

Designer: Patrick Taylor
Cover Art: Leo Robinson
Size: 21.0 x 29.7cm
Pages: 80
Publication: 2020

uoh 2020 — @uok.hun