26th March, 2020

Our lives have been turned upside down in many ways of late, which can increase feelings of anxiety and stress. Here are some ideas to manage your stress levels.

Sometimes, we forget to take a moment to really breathe. Inhale for seven, and exhale for eleven.

Wide, open spaces
This can be tricky given the current circumstances. Where possible, take a walk, whether it is around your block or the park. Spend time looking out at wide, open spaces - the skies, the clouds, or whatever’s in the distance. Being able to immerse yourself outdoors and focus in on wide open spaces can help calm and realign yourself.

Sometimes we forget to allow ourselves the time to truly relax. Whatever this may be, do it. Everybody’s idea of relaxation is different. Whatever calms you is unique to you, and is highly important. Where possible, allow yourself the time to do so. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Ensuring you have enough sleep is vital. Give yourself appropriate time to rest, and consider giving yourself screen-free time before you go to bed.


words, images: patrick taylor

uoh 2020 — @uok.hun