Multi-disciplinary Artist

10th December, 2020

u ok hun host and editor Patrick Taylor discuss Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), finding the right medium to execute ideas and lack of mental health support at university.

Isabella Dogliani is a Cork based multi-disciplinary artist. 

Isabella’s background lies in sculpture and installation, but has gone on to expand her practice to work with video, sound, poetry, theatre and performance.

She has worked in various community led arts projects, workshops, art classes and childrens story-time.

Having studied at Glasgow School of Art, London’s Central Saint Martins and Berlin’s Universität der Künste, Isabella now studies at University College Cork where she is undertaking a postgraduate degree in Arts Management and Creative Production.

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video, words: patrick taylor / images courtesy of Isabella Dogliani

uoh 2020 — @uok.hun